The project

The In-Sit project is aimed at improving the quality of the touristic services promoted to older people by tourism SMEs and social economy operators, creating competencies and more inclusive communities.

The In-Sit project aims at promoting the social inclusion and quality of life of elderly people, reducing inequalities and enabling everyone to live a full and dignified life, by raising awareness that the elderly population represents an important target population able to interact on different territories and by providing tools and means to enhance their interest and that of SMEs on silver tourism.

This will be made possible thanks to the work of the partners

Identify silver tourism best practices in the target territory that enhance the quality of the offer.

Develop guidelines for tourist operators/SMEs to best accommodate and satisfy aging tourists needs.

Create an open-source guide on inclusive silver tourism, including a training kit for professional silver tourism facilitators who will be able to structure tourism packages to attract in the third age visitors to a specific tourist destination.

This will allow the development of, form a mid-term perspective, new services that will enable SMEs, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders to deliver better and inclusive services specifically for elderly, which could also benefit other vulnerable people.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Elderly population

Social inclusion of the elderly is increasingly recognised as part of national policies in several areas, such as accessibility to services, pension design and active ageing policies. Tourism is certainly a dimension of quality of life, involving levels such as knowledge, autonomy, health, curiosity, challenge and the desire to still play a significant role in the community.

Main economic and local stakeholders

Social enterprises, which provide services to the silver population in their community, as well as tour operators, travel agencies and tourism operators interested in improving their silver tourism offer. Local authorities and tourism promotion agencies, working to support local tourism and the local economy, are interested in promoting a valuable tourism experience for these specific customers.

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