Best Practice

Migrantour Bergamo

A Cultural Journey for Silver Tourists

The innovative Migrantour Bergamo project, spearheaded by Cooperativa Sociale Ruah in collaboration with Viaggi Solidali, ACRA Foundation, and the Municipality of Bergamo, introduces a novel concept to the world of silver tourism. By offering “zero-kilometre intercultural walks” guided by intercultural escorts, the initiative presents a unique opportunity for senior tourists to experience Bergamo’s rich cultural diversity through the stories and perspectives of its newest inhabitants.

Fostering Inclusion and Understanding

Migrantour Bergamo transcends traditional tourism by facilitating interactions that break down barriers and foster understanding between cultures. For silver tourists, who often seek more than just leisure in their travels, this project offers meaningful engagement with the social fabric of Bergamo, highlighting the contributions of migrant communities to the city’s identity.

An Authentic, Responsible Travel Experience

These intercultural walks are not just tours; they are narratives of life, resilience, and the interweaving of cultures. Silver tourists are invited to explore Bergamo’s hidden gems and untold stories, enriching their travel experience with authentic insights into the lives of those who have migrated to the city. This initiative aligns with silver tourists’ desires for responsible, sustainable travel options that offer a deeper understanding of the places they visit.

Promoting Active Aging Through Cultural Exploration

Migrantour Bergamo also champions the concept of active aging, encouraging older adults to engage physically, mentally, and socially through the exploration of new cultures. The project underscores the importance of lifelong learning and cultural exchange, offering silver tourists an avenue to stay active and curious about the world around them.

A Model for Sustainable, Inclusive Tourism

As a model of sustainable and inclusive tourism, Migrantour Bergamo stands as a testament to the power of tourism’s potential to bridge cultural divides and create a more inclusive, understanding world. By inviting silver tourists to partake in these enriching cultural journeys, Migrantour Bergamo not only enhances their travel experience but also contributes significantly to the social and cultural vitality of the city. Through active participation, storytelling, and shared experiences, the project enriches the lives of all involved, establishing a legacy of understanding and respect that transcends generations.

This initiative showcases how tourism, particularly focused on older adults, can be a powerful force for good, promoting not just tolerance but a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experience.