Innovative and inclusive practices of silver tourism

The project

The In-Sit project is aimed at improving the quality of the touristic services promoted to older people by tourism SMEs and social economy operators, creating competencies and more inclusive communities.

The guide

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Who are the beneficiaries?

Elderly population

Social inclusion of the elderly is increasingly recognised as part of national policies in several areas, such as accessibility to services, pension design and active ageing policies. Tourism is certainly a dimension of quality of life, involving levels such as knowledge, autonomy, health, curiosity, challenge and the desire to still play a significant role in the community.

Main economic and local stakeholders

Social enterprises, which provide services to the silver population in their community, as well as tour operators, travel agencies and tourism operators interested in improving their silver tourism offer. Local authorities and tourism promotion agencies, working to support local tourism and the local economy, are interested in promoting a valuable tourism experience for these specific customers.


Identification of best practices on the territory of each partner involved.

Exchange visits between partners for the sharing and knowledge of best practices.

Elaboration of a guide and a training module on inclusive silver tourism.

Best Practices

In the reference territory of each partner, silver tourism best practices that improve the quality of the offer were identified, analysed and shared.

Here is the complete list:

  • Hospitality without Barriers

  • NAT Space – Nature Art Territory

  • Migrantour VISIT

  • Migrantour

  • Storicity

  • Old your Guests Long Period Accomodation

  • Tourism for ALL

  • Holidays with different levels of mobility

  • Free thematic walk

  • No worries holidays

Exchange visits

Exchange activities between partners to enable the analysis and testing of the best practices on the targeted territory.

The partners experimented good practices on the following territories:

  • Bergamo (Italy) VISIT

  • Antalya (Turkey)

  • Mons (Belgium)

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